Tuesday, 28 May 2013

First commission to produce one comic and two motion comics

This commission was one that I got through the student gems website for students and graduates looking for work/ commission work.  I work for a amazing chap, Mick who represented a charity called sparc who helps kids with learning difficulties.
The brief was to create comic books for these kids and then to turn them into motion comic.  I was ask to create one of the four comics and then to turn two of the comic into motion comics.

 This is page one from the comic that I create call NO TROUBLE DEALING WITH THE LAW.

These are the motion comic that I was ask to do.  The first one is called DIABETES YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH, and the second my comic called NO TROUBLE DEALING WITH THE LAW
All Products are owned by SPARC and subject to copyright.

The first comic was illustrated by Jo Totto (http://thelifeoftotti.com/#/home) and them animated by myself.
The second comic was both illustrated and animated myself.

I decided to keep both comics really simple for two reasons.  (1) so that there wasn't to much going on as the comic was for kids with learning difficulties and I wanted them to focus on the what was being said.  
(2) I did all the animating(if you can call the little movements and panel resizing, animation) in Adobe After Effects sc6.  So my computer is a Dell studio XPS but not a work station and will only render between 7-10 seconds that a time with some effects going on.  So that meant that I could have to much going at anyone time.  Also it only proves how much I need to save for a work station PC with more bit under the hood.