Monday, 22 October 2012

Me on location

Gathering sound in Crofton Park for my latest animation to help with some of the silence between the dialogue.  It was a productive day with some great wind and bird sound to put into the background and was even able to record a cock crowing which worked out great.  The sound aren't the best but they have worked out good and next time they will only get better.

Also I received an email from the animate Chapman Monty Python saying that the competition has been extended to the 01.01.2013.  Which will give me a little more time to add some finishing touches to the animation.   

The images at the top and left are me recording wind moving through the the tree.  The others three images are of me recording sound of me walking on sticks and snapping them for the sound effect.  It was a nice day till the the rain came down and socked me and beautiful assistant.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Animatic test

Here are the first animatic test for the the lonely sheep (life of Brian).  They are just test for both the motion and final look of the animation.  I've got to reset the ratio of the screen size but apart from that and adding some more elements, this is some way to how the final animation will look

This one below is the right ratio for the screen size and the one I'll be using.  I may blur the Ram a little more as it may look strange with the firer ball shooting up from behind the haystack.

The final film is of the ram landing which need a lot of to get right.  A lot of squash and stretch with some secondary action, like eye blink and hair moving.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Flashing light test

This is a test for the flashing light that shoot up from behind the hat stack.  I've used it in my animatic which should be up tomorrow.


Sheep concept for we're all individual

Here is a concept for the sheep designs.  Their like sheep Elvis who are all the same.  I created it by bring a sketch into Adobe Illustrator and inked round the sketch.  Then with one sheep completed I just copy it and made copy to show the lack of individualism.

Final storyboard

Here is my final storyboard for the Chapman’s animated competition using the the dialogue from Monty python the Life of Brian saying you're all individuals.  I've started the animatic and will see if the sound go with it.  Here to hoping.