Friday, 30 November 2012

New armature for buck

So this is the new silicone puppet that I've been working for Jo creating her a armature using brass tubing that I've welded to Steel plates.  I then use threadlocker glue to stick the aluminum wire to some more brass tubing.  The feet are made in two parts with brass tubing welded to steel plates and then a bolt added to the end by being welded on

Here is a link to the buck website with making of videos to follow soon.

The head is also made out of silicone with a wooden block that has aluminum wire connected to animate the mouth and eye brows.  the eyes are buttons that will be painted on by Jo 

I wrapped electric tape round the armature so that the silicone wont react with the threadlocker

I then bulk out the body with sponge and wrap it in foam bandage before putting it into the mould

This image is both puppet together, on the left is the puppet that Jo has made the body to with my silicone head.  On the right is the naked silicone body I made for Jo with the silicone head.  All the cloths were made by Jo for both puppets

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