Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Final test piece for possible job

OK here is the final animation for the Gnu Films test piece that I sent off which I had to republish as a FLV, as the quicklime movie would not upload to Youtube.  That was a problem as I stayed up till about 0630 hours working on this animation.  Not what you want to see after a nap, waking up think that there is no problem.  The only problem with the FLV was that in after effects it compressed the file making the format ratio smaller that the 720 by 556.  Well it's the right ratio just a little smaller but at lest it uploaded to Youtube with no problems.

I use Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, after effects and flash to create this animation, using Illustrator to create all but two of the asset.  I cut the female picture out in photoshop removing the background and publishing it as a PnG file that could then be animated in after effects, using the puppet tool.  The animation of the three chaps round the table celebrating were done in flash.  I know that it was not completely finish but do remember that I was at work over the weekend, and so could not give it the full three days.  That would have been great if I could have put three day into it.  I may have tried some stop motion too.  Final all the assets were put together in after effects, animation and then publish.  I could have done that in adobe premere but I wanted to use the effects in after effects for some of the wheel coming into screen.     


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