Monday, 13 August 2012

Space Captain character sheets

These are the first image of a new character that I'm working for a 2D animation using Flash or Toon Boom animate, After effect, photoshop and Illustrator. It mostly going to be done in my spare time. Which I do have lots of at the moment with other things that I'm doing at the moment. It's just to work on my 2D animation skills for both animation festivals and to help me get a job.

These first four images are how the character will look naked

These Lower images are the start of my character in his space suit when he comes out of the space craft

Just trying to get the style right making the character stand out with a cartoon edge to help with the animation flow

On this last image I've done a little redesign on the Monkey feet to make the design and animation a little easier to redraw time and time again 

1 comment:

  1. Hey john, loving the designs dude great work, thought I'd be useful and give a tiny little crit.
    To me the side portrait of him, his head his face looks a bit to flat that's all but the more i look at it less strange it looks, just at first glance i guess haha