Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Final test piece for possible job

This was a test animatic for a possible job that I applied for with Gnu Films in Nottingham.  I did this just visualize what the final animation world look like from the task that they had sent me.  The test piece was for them to test me and how I preformed when set a task.  On how I could creatively interpret a brief and how I would follow that brief and create an animation.

This animatic didn't take that long after I had a good idea of how I was going to create the animation.  The only problem that I had with this was that it was set over the weekend the only time in the week that I have to work.  Couldn't call in sick as I would run the risk of not getting paid from those evil bastards and until I get paid I really need the money.  

These were all created in flash to save time.

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